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RE: Steel Shapes

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>FYI, you can get AISC Design Guide 15 (the successor to the old Iron and
>Steel Beams document) as well as the historic database as free downloads
>as an AISC member through
I got this publication and the CD (I can't read it on my Mac, Charlie... 
sheesh ;-> ) at an AISC seminar on field repairs, which was absolutely 
first rate. The notes and CD and publications alone were well worth the 
seminar cost. Lunch was free, so was the coffee and they validated 
parking at the Hilton.  All are even better reasons to make your 
continuing ed requirements at AISC. 

But one thing the AISC doesn't have is 'Continuity and Change'--the 
ASME's latest attempt at reinventing itself so as to change the names of 
everything without actually changing the underlying reality (Sort of like 
LRFD ;-> ). I've joined the ASME right out of school 40 years ago when it 
wsas the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Since then it's become 
ASME International (ta-da!) and gone from major powerhouse to old boys 
club. Member services have gotten fewer and pricier and dues have gone up 
while quality has gone down. ASME continuing ed units are 2-3 times as 
pricy as AISC seminars and the ASME expects you to come to them, not the 
other way around. Keep up with the AISC web page, and if you get a chance 
at the field fixes seminar, go to it.

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