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RE: Steel Shapes

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At 04:43 PM 6/4/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>FYI, you can get AISC Design Guide 15 (the successor to the old Iron and
>Steel Beams document) as well as the historic database as free downloads
>as an AISC member through
I got this publication and the CD (I can't read it on my Mac, Charlie...
sheesh ;-> ) at an AISC seminar on field repairs, which was absolutely
first rate. The notes and CD and publications alone were well worth the
seminar cost. Lunch was free, so was the coffee and they validated
parking at the Hilton.  All are even better reasons to make your
continuing ed requirements at AISC.

I'll second the recommendation for joining AISC if you have any design contact with steel and aren't yet a member. I'm pretty stingy with my "membership" dollars, and the epubs alone are worth the price ($135/yr for a single professional, btw). All 19 steel design guides are in the epubs area, along with other goodies.

FWIW, I dropped ASCE long ago due to low return on investment (lobbying dollars and benefit notwithstanding, but that's what I pay NSPE for).

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