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Re: ACI 318-02 reinforcing steel questions

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--- Paul Crocker <pcrocker(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> "Many developers "flip" their projects as soon as
> their finished. They don't care."
> That doesn't change your professional liability. 

I most certainly agree! I was responding to a comment
that perhaps an owner could be convinced that
providing a little extra insurance (via longer bars,
closer bars spacing, etc.) to prevent cracks would
make that owner realize, "...hey, yeah, that's
probably a good ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure..." That's no longer the mindset on
many projects.

The intent of my questions regarding bar spacing and
positive moment embedment into supports was only to
see if I was missing anything. The response I got (as
I noted in my previous post) pretty much agreed with
my interpretation. 

I asked the questions just to be sure I was not being
too conservative (and I got confirmation that I am not
being too conservative). Unfortunately, people who do
not understand all the nuances and regulations of
building codes and design standards can usually design
(using their lack of knowledge to their advantage)
lighter building structures than engineers who are
well-versed in codes and standards.  To make matters
worse, there are some clueless engineers out there who
have full confidence in themselves and believe that
they know everything. Those are the dangerous ones ?
but because they ignore things, they are the ones that
will often get the ear of an owner when a project
comes in over budget and the clueless engineer is
hired to ?save the day? and value engineer a
legitimate design. This forces the knowledgable
engineer to go on the defense and defend their
legitimate design against unfounded criticism

I still do have a question: Why is it that ACI 318-02
says bottom bars in beams must extend 6? minimum into
supports but is not specific as to how far to extend
slab bars into supports ? other than to say that the
bottom bars must extend into the supports? It really
seems that if extending bottom bars of all flexural
members into supports is that important, then there
should be some definitive dimension ? even if it?s 1?
minimum. It?s easy to say, ??just use the 6? dimension
required for beams??, but then what about the bottom
reinforcing in precast hollowcore plank can only bear
3? onto a masonry wall?

This list is a great place for getting reality checks.

Cliff Schwinger

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