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Re: FRP (plastic bridge)

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Another item I thought of is that for vehicular bridges fire resistance could also be an issue.  Seems almost daily around here that a motor-home or truck catches fire on the freeway as well as all the brush fires we get.

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Christopher Wright <chrisw(--nospam--at)>

06/04/2004 02:50 PM

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Re: FRP (plastic bridge)

>From a
>design point I seem to remember that he FRP has a much lower modulus of
>elasticity so deflection could be an issue.  Could cause a bouncy effect
>for long span bridges (??).
It affects stability, too--outstanding flanges and column behavior. I
think the biggest issue is connections. I've done some work on other FRP
types of structure, and fastening stuff together requires some thought.
You can't preload heavy bolts into FRP because the bolt tension crushes
the resin. The preload goes away and you're looking at loose bolts and
fatigue problems. Welding is clearly out, so your assembly experience may
not be applicable

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