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Base Isolation System - Amusing

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From the Mind of a Xicano
My stepfather is a pretty creative guy, actually once a boy migrant farmworker in Nebraska, he eventually earned his PhD in Linguistics.
Actually he has thought of many inventions.
So for family brunch yesterday, we somehow got on to discussing base isolation systems in structures.  He was very amazed by how some buildings in CA are completely isolated from the earth by ball bearing foundations, and he then thought about rubber base isolation systems, asking if there was such a thing.  I told him that such isolation systems exist for vibration isolation, and I mentioned it was done on the first floor, to isolate the rest of the structure from the high modes. 
And in his mind, he was thinking that these pads were on every floor !  And he said, "Yeah, what if the building were like a vertebrate, able to isolate vibrations at each floor."  I thought about it, and he continued, "Yeah, so the building could turn around like a neck and head and check itself out !!"
I thought this was amusing and creative, so I had to share !  Hope it doesn't interfere with the regular flow of technical stuff, and maybe helps spark a few light bulbs of innovation.
Refugio Manuel Rochin, MS, EIT