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Exam calculator policy (CA)

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Regarding California's engineering exams, I was under the impression that
the calculator policy (which greatly limits the calculators which can be
used) on the PE examinations applied to all the exams.  However, I recently
read this article on the DCA's website, and it seems to me that they are
only enforcing the new(er) restrictions on the national (8-hour) exams, but
still allowing the older calculators (like my HP 48GX) on the state
specific exams (surveying and seismic).  At least for the upcoming October
2004 exam, does anybody know if this is correct?  The only thing I know for
certain that is that I can't use a calculator with a QWERTY keyboard (i.e.

APRIL 2004

Beginning with the April 2004 examination administration, the Board will be
enforcing the new calculator policy as instituted by the National Council
of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)....

The Board will enforce the NCEES calculator policy during the
administration of all national examinations. In April, the NCEES calculator
policy will be enforced for the Engineer-in-Training (EIT), Land
Surveyor-in-Training (LSIT), 6-hour National Land Surveyor, 8-hour National
Civil Engineer, and Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Mechanical
Engineer examinations. In October, the NCEES calculator policy will be
enforced for the EIT, LSIT, 8-hour National Civil Engineer, 8-hour National
Structural Engineer, and all other Professional Engineer examinations,
except for the Traffic Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer examinations.

The Board will continue to enforce its current calculator policy, which is
described below, for all state-specific examinations. In April, the Board's
calculator policy will be enforced for the 4-hour California State-Specific
Professional Land Surveyor and the Special Civil Engineer (Seismic
Principles and Engineering Surveying) examinations. In October, the Board's
calculator policy will be enforced for the Traffic Engineer, Geotechnical
Engineer, 8-hour California State-Specific Structural Engineer, and Special
Civil Engineer (Seismic Principles and Engineering Surveying) examinations.

The Board's Current Calculator Policy

The use of any calculating/computing device having a QWERTY keypad
arrangement similar to a typewriter or a keyboard during the exam is
strictly prohibited. The following devices are also prohibited, whether or
not they have a QWERTY keypad function: palmtop, laptop, handheld or
desktop computers, data banks, data collectors, personal data assistants
(PDA), and organizers. Calculators with other alphanumeric keypads are
acceptable. Notwithstanding the above, the Board or its designees have the
right to prohibit the use of any device which, in the opinion of the Board,
may pose a threat to exam security.

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