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Re: 2001 NDS nail penetration

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I set out to answer your question about whether the Tabulated values in the
NDS are reduced.  I started out to make the calculations my self based on
the Yield Limit Equations of the NDS.  First I found that I can't find my
'97 NDS -- I'm using the 2001 edition now.  Then I found that the values I
calculated do not match the NDS.  That may mean that the values are reduced,
but it may also mean that I've made an error in my work.  First I need to
make sure that I've made the calcualtions correctly, so I have to trouble
shoot my mathcad calc.  I've run out of time to fiddle with this right now.

I'm back to my old complaint that the NDS equations are not intuitive --
there is no way that I can see to be able to look for errors in the formulas
I've entered by asking, "does this make sense?"  The Yield Mode Equations
aren't based on common sense as far as I can tell -- I guess they are

Buddy Showalter -- do you have the answer?


Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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