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Re: Legal and liability - using my stamp

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>Although your corporation will be the 
>responsible party, I believe you can also be held personally liable for 
>gross negligence (and you don't get to decide what gross negligence 
Seems to me that the one professional asset you can't work without is 
professional registration, which is easier to yank or suspend for 
mis-conduct than a dog licence. And there's very little protection for 
that. Screw up and you're out of business with a board-confirmed 
reputation for chicanery. I know there are states who won't register 
applicants whose licences have been yanked elsewhere. 

I'd be real curious how many sole practitioners who go bare have ever 
lost significant (compared to a damage claim) sums in a liability case. 
Most of my trial experience has been that it dosnt' pay a plaintiff 
attorney to go after someone with only personal assets at risk. I've had 
a number of lawyers tell me that juries are reluctant to impoverish an 
individual unless there's a real sense of injustice or an obvious scam. 
The availability of insurance proceeds puts thing in a different light, 
since juries have no compunction about finding against insurors. 

 I'd also be real real careful about possibly outsmarting myself with 
clever asset protection schemes, too. Joint possessions in the name of a 
single individual are at great risk if the individual decides to take a 
hike or has an accident. That's is lawyer business

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