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Re: Legal and liability - using my stamp

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>I gave my view that insurance coverage was free money on a tree, ready to 
>be poached, and that nearly all claims against insured engineers are filed 
>for the same reason Willie Sutton gave for robbing banks-- "because it's 
>where the money is." I said I would rely on my good engineering and the 
>"empty pocket defense".
That's been my experience with product liability issues, where there was 
clearly a design defect. Going after the engineer/designer, even in 7 
figure cases was considered a non-starter--not worth the money. Plaintiff 
attorneys can't eat revenge or the balanced scales of justice.

I've learned a couple of things about the engineering business since I've 
been on my own, and the most important is that lawyers who do their own 
engineering are roughly in the same boat as engineers who do their own 
lawyering. Same for accounting. I'd add that a balanced decision of E&O 
insurance needs more than the advice of the guy who gets a commission on 
the premiums. 

I'd really be curious about others' experience with E&O policies. Anyone 
ever been nicked for significant money in excess of policy limits? Or the 
proportion of cases which settled prior to trial at the insuror's 

>I called the atty and asked for my costs, about $275. He blew up on the 
>phone and told me to justify them in a letter. I did, pointing out his 
>several violations of rules of court when he cross-complained. He paid in 
Tsk. Such chutzpa. I love it.

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