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ACZA treated wood

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I am looking for informed advice about fasteners in ACZA treated wood.  I was aware that the CBC requires nails to be corrosion resistant in all treated lumber, but I had never considered the anchor bolts and other fasteners (light gauge connectors also).  I don't see where anchor bolts are exempted from this requirement.  The most recent Simpson catalog recommends that only stainless steel fasteners be in contact with ACZA lumber.  I have done some web searching and found two manufacturers of ACZA treated lumber - one of which suggests that Simpson's research was limited and that G90 hot-dipped steel is fine in ACZA, and the other suggests that even mild steel is ok in ACZA.  I have discovered that my local lumber supplier stocks the ACZA treated wood for the larger pieces (3x8 for the top of a foundation wall). I also found a lumber supplier's website that suggested that the IRC exempts ½ or larger bolts from this requirement.


I'm curious about how others are dealing with this for nails, screws, anchor bolts, plate washers, other structural steel connectors and light gauge timber connectors. 


Karen E. Casano, SE

San Diego