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Re: Welding question

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> The welder stated that it was acceptable to do this...
Um... What would you expect him to say? I think he's looking for 
forgiveness, not permission. 

He's right that some weld build-up may be used, but not as an excuse for 
poor fit-up. There are some requirements for assembly in AWS D1.1 
sub-part 3.3. Typically the allowed gap is about 1/16 in without backing 
strips, as high as 1/8 or half the smaller thickness if a partial groove 
(not partial penetration) weld is used. One inch is right out. 

There's a real chance of transverse cracks in the weld caused by 
shrinkage with that much weld metal laid in. My first reaction in that 
sort of situation is to have a short emphatic and one-sided discussion 
with the weld supervisor and the welder, before I told them to start over 
and do it right, but the important thing is to make sure that the weld is 
sound unless you want it re-done properly. You need to do whatever it 
takes to get a good X-ray or UT examination. You're looking for cracks 
and lack of fusion way down deep, not surface defects, so the weld 
surface needs to be smooth and finished 

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