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Re: Steel Shapes

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And while we are on the subject of steel shapes, I would note that AISC does a good job of making its publications available for free, but does a less-good job of making sure the information in the publications is correct.

If one were to do a cost comparison, one could consider the PCA "Concrete Floors on Ground" publication, which someone with bad manners might say contains so many technical errors that it should not have been published.

One could compare it with the equally-bad AISC   "Design Guide 18: Steel-Framed Open-Deck Parking Structures".

The PCA publication costs $40.  The AISC publication is free.

So, on a first cost basis,  the AISC publication is a better value.  

However, on a life-cycle cost basis, maybe not.  What is the true cost of reading publications from organizations who appear to make little attempt to ensure that the information in these publications is correct?

Gail Kelley  

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