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Re: welding question

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AWS D1.1-2000 para 5.22.1 "Tolerance of Joint
Dimensions" answers your question.

d a v e  e v a n s 

A co-worker showed me a photo of a weld made
connecting the bottom chord
of a vierendeel truss to a column.  There is
approximately a 1" gap
between the bottom chord and the column, which the
welder filled up with
weld metal.  The welder stated that it was acceptable
to do this... just
allow plenty of cool down between passes and increase
the fillet weld size
by the amount of gap between the parts being
connected.  I have used this
to accept approximately 1/8" gap before, but 1" gap
seems excessive to me.
 I have been searching the AISC Manual of Steel
Construction as well as
the AWS D1.1 but can find nothing on this.  Is there
anything written in
the codes or specs related to this?  It seems that I
have read this
before, but don't remember where.  If nothing written,
does anyone have
experience with something like this?

The vierendeel truss has a top chord bearing on the
column and was
designed to be simple span, but there are some lateral
earthquake forces
which cause substantial tension / compression in the
bottom chord.  The
bottom chord was designed to be welded with a 5/16"
fillet weld,

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