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Re: Slab buckling

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I did a check like that once, but I didn't find any short-cuts or simplified methods, so I went back to engineering principles.  Keep in mind that you have two things working in your favor: your slab is continuously supported against buckling downwards and you have the weight of the slab resisting buckling upwards.  Of course, the slab doesn't weight very much comparatively, but it adds up over long distances.  Beyond that, I found myself making a lot of reasonable assumptions.  Good luck.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> Mark Pemberton <markpemberton(--nospam--at)> 06/08/04 11:43AM >>>
I've been asked by a plan checker to check a slab that is restraining the base of a retaining wall for potential buckling.  The retaining wall is about 11 feet tall.  I've done a great many retaining walls and have never been asked to check this.  If it's a problem wouldn't we be hearing of buckling slabs at residential basements everywhere?  Does anyone know of a simplified approach to checking this?  Thanks in advance.
Mark Pemberton, S.E.
Pemberton Engineering
Davis, CA

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