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RE: ACZA treated wood

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I found those articles interesting, but wondered about the cautionary note for mixing stainless fasteners with carbon steel. I guess I was under the impression that the natural passivity of 300/400 stainless was sufficient to avoid problems, for example when fastening ACQ/ACZA (or any other wood, for that matter) to cold formed framing with stainless fasteners. Anyone care to expand?

At 05:03 PM 6/8/2004 -0400, you wrote:
The April 2004 issue of Structural Engineer magazine had a good pair of
articles on this subject under the heading: "Corrosive Conundrum, The
Unintended Risks of Eliminating Harmful Wood Preservatives". One article
recommends hot-dip galvanized steel with extra thickness of galvanizing
(G185) or stainless steel for fasteners and connectors. It states that CCA
treated wood is approximately twice as corrosive as untreated wood and the
new preservatives are approximately twice as corrosive as CCA (or 4 times as
corrosive as untreated wood).

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