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RE: E-pubs <rant>

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On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Bill Allen wrote:

> Personally, I don't care if AISC is supported financially by the industry
> (ACI and PCA aren't?). If that's what's keeping the quality high, then I'm
> all for it. Somehow, though, I think it also might have something to do with
> the people involved.

PCA _IS_ supported financially by the industry (it is a trade
organization like Jay mentioned).  ACI _IS NOT_ support financially by the
concrete organization (for all intents and purposes).  Keep in mind that
AISC is kind of like the steel industry equivalent of smushing ACI and PCA
together into one organization...and if there was such a "smushed"
concrete organization, then the "support" money comes from the PCA side.

So, it is important to realize the money to pay for staff, printing, fixed
monthly costs (rent/mortgage, electricity, etc), and other expenses comes
from selling publications and member dues...for ACI.  So, it is natural
that their publications may cost more than AISC's (which does have other
sources of "income").

Now, this is not to say that ACI could not do a better job in somethings.
EVERYONE can always find ways to do a better job on a variety of things.
It is more about not comparing apples to Jay pointd out.

And as my disclaimer...while I _DID_ work as a staff engineer for ACI and
still have friends and business associates that still work there and/or
volunteer on committees (I met Jay on several occasions at ACI
conventions), I no longer work there.  So, I don't and can't speak for
ACI, but I have "seen the other side" and have a better understanding of
what they face.


Adrian, MI

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