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RE: E-pubs <rant>

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>So, it is important to realize the money to pay for staff, printing, fixed
>monthly costs (rent/mortgage, electricity, etc), and other expenses comes
>from selling publications and member dues...for ACI.  So, it is natural
>that their publications may cost more than AISC's (which does have other
>sources of "income").

I have no problem with what you said, Scott. I also have no beef with how or what ACI chooses to charge for their stuff. But in my opinion, it is simply an excuse to say that source of income is a justification for one charging more than another. Furthermore, you cannot simply draw a comparison based upon publications. Every other aspect of two organizations being compared must be factored in to have an accurate comparison.

In the end, I still believe the differences in setup between organizations like AISC and ACI are academic.