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RR Flat Car Bridges

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I have been searching for information on this type of bridge, and I have found quite a bit of information, which is what led me to this list.

I have just purchased a piece of property where the only access is a low-water, concrete bridge. I would like to replace that with a high bridge. I had hoped that flat cars might be the solution. I have found some that are reasonably priced and probably workable, but I have been getting ballpark estimates that are awfully high, approx. $1000 per running foot. My span is around 250 feet and that is more than I can put into a bridge for this property. I can get the cars to span it for $17,500 delivered. Is the cost of the abutments, supports and other work really that high? This is a very, very low volume bridge that would service 3 families.

I hope someone has some suggestions!  Thanks!


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