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RE: E-pubs <rant>

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I agree with your first set of comments.  My point has ALWAYS been (maybe
with not too much success) that I don't know enough about what goes into
ACI's decision on the price of their products and membership, so I find it
difficult to jump down on them on pricing issues with two feet (I will,
however, jump down on them with a foot or maybe a big toe).  And further,
I get tired of people saying "AISC does it so great (which is true)...why
can't ACI (or some other group) do it like them".  Your comments come
right it to play talk about having to do a comparison in
whole of how the two are setup, yet you also have to acknowledge that AISC
and ACI do things differently which means that it is not appropriate (in
my opinion) to compare how one aspect of how AISC does something (i.e.
publication prices) with that of another organization like ACI.

Now, as to your last comment...we have agreed in the past to just disagree
on this point.  I believe that the differences between the two
organizations are NOT academic and that they result is real noticeable
differences in the products (publications, membership, etc) they offer in
terms of things like price (and maybe be even "value").  Does this means
that I am right?  Of course!! <grin>  Just kidding!  Really, I dunno.
After all, I don't know enough of how AISC _OR_ ACI really function to
know if the differences really make sense or not.  But then I would
suggest that neither does anyone else on this list, including yourself
(who probably knows more than enough about AISC, but not too much about
how ACI functions).  But, I do have the advantage that I have worked with
in ACI, so personally I feel that I have a slightly more "informed"
perspective...meaning that I have a slightly better understanding of why
they do some of the things that they do.


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Carter, Charlie wrote:

> >So, it is important to realize the money to pay for staff, printing, fixed
> >monthly costs (rent/mortgage, electricity, etc), and other expenses comes
> >from selling publications and member dues...for ACI.  So, it is natural
> >that their publications may cost more than AISC's (which does have other
> >sources of "income").
> I have no problem with what you said, Scott. I also have no beef with how or what ACI chooses to charge for their stuff. But in my opinion, it is simply an excuse to say that source of income is a justification for one charging more than another. Furthermore, you cannot simply draw a comparison based upon publications. Every other aspect of two organizations being compared must be factored in to have an accurate comparison.
> In the end, I still believe the differences in setup between organizations like AISC and ACI are academic.
> Charlie

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