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Re: RR Flat Car Bridges

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At 01:56 AM 6/9/04, you wrote:
Yes, the cost of the piers and abutments will be several hundred thousand
$ assuming you build it to resist flood waters.

   Thanks, that is discouraging.

Have you checked to see if the local county or agency will allow you to place
piers in the streambed?

It is up to the Corps of Engineers, and I have checked and it would not be a problem. I think they would be glad to have the existing bridge removed, which is an obstruction to a navigable river.

We might be able to improve the existing bridge so that it is more usable, but this past year it has been passable only about 6 days from October until today. A dam was built upstream about 20 years ago for flood control and it has had a negative impact on the bridge because high water lasts much longer. The bridge itself is causing the river to become more shallow and wider at that point. One thing that would help is regular dredging in the vicinity of the bridge. Boats would be of no use in improving our access.... any chance a pontoon bridge would work?


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