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Re: RR Flat Car Bridges

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I want to say thanks for being tolerant of a non-engineer on the list asking for free advice, and thanks for the advice I have already received.

I am even getting a kick out of the posts that have nothing to do with bridges. I have mostly been on lists having to do with horses, and this is a refreshing change.

Since I am not a developer, and the property in question is basically recreational, cost can quickly become prohibitive. I am reminded of a quote with which my favorite engineer (aeronautic) began one of his best novels. It pretty well captures the kind of help I need:

"An engineer is a man who can do for five bob what any bloody fool can do for a quid."

That definition is many years old, and the world has changed a great deal. I am not sure how apt a definition that is today. It is obviously not p.c., but anyone who has read Nevil Shute will know that he would not doubt for a moment the ability of women to be excellent engineers.


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