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Re: Cold Formed Steel Software

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RISA does a good job with stud design.  The catch is that I don't believe it has the current SSMA stud library.  You will have to input and store shapes as you need them.
I am also suspicious of modeling CRC type bridging in a stud wall.  The only way to do it is to enter the unbraced stud length = to your bridging spacing.  In reality, CRC bridging only braces the web, not the compression flange.  That didn't stop us from using it, but be sure to keep an open mind when reviewing the output.
The output on RISA stinks for stud design if you are looking for presentable, easy to read printouts.
There is also C-Stud, which might not even be available anymore.  It was a simpler 2-D program designed just for stud analysis.  It too had its quirks, but it had a nice single-page graphical output.
James Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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