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RE: Hay storage

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1. Not by the definition of ?Agricultural, Building? in the 2000 IBC, unless
the garage is for the storage of farm vehicles.  Also, if this barn holds
any type of workshop or is occupied for any extended length of time you
can?t use the lower importance factors.  The theory behind the lower factors
is that if the building falls down no-one gets hurt and there isn't much
economic loss.  If you really want to classify this as an "agricultural"
building you'll have to contact your local building official.

2. As someone who has bucked hay after school, I can personally attest that
the last dozen bales of hay weigh about 1,000 pounds each.  However,
according the Thomas J. Glover?s ?Pocket Ref?, second edition, packed hay
weighs 24 pcf and loose hay weighs 5 pcf.  Also, if it's stacked high
enough, at least a portion of this load should be included in seismic mass.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri
From: Mark Pemberton [mailto:markpemberton(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 10:51 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Hay storage

Thanks for all the slab buckling responses.  Now I have two much easier
questions regarding barn loading;  1) Is a barn considered an agriculture
building if the owner wants a two car garage as part of the main level?  2)
What storage loading should be used for the hay lofts? (what's the density
of hay anyway?)  Thanks again.
Mark Pemberton, S.E.
Pemberton Engineering
Davis, CA

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