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Re: Gravel Trailer Chassis Design

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>Anyone know of design standards or code requirements for trailer chassis
>for North America.
>Load factors and other design criteria, allowable stress etc. etc.
I don't think there are any codes, although there's plenty of literature 
and a raft of basic standards at the SAE site. Vehicle design tends to be 
highly proprietary and it isn't regulated like building design, primarily 
because they're considered manufactured products and the design falls 
within the purview of the standard product exemption of the registration 
laws. The laws that will matter are highway safety code provisions 
involving licensing and roadability. 

Unless you know something about vehicle dynamics and the mechanics of 
towed equipment, you might consider keeping well away from the project. 
Trailers look pretty benign but my personal experience is that they're 
not. The loading tends toward the complex and highly cyclic, and 
mechanical element issues, bearing selection, balance, suspension, tongue 
loads and towing response aren't something you play by ear. I can't tell 
you how many weld and connection failures I've run into with towed 
equipment, not to mention the odd stability issue, and hopelessly cobbled 
repair jobs. This really isn't a job for some guy 'handy with tools' 
looking to save a few bucks.

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