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RE: pullout test

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I asked Hilti the same question before and they recommended that an "unrestrained pure tension" pullout test be performed.  Unrestrained means that the load cell does not load the concrete directly around the anchor.
The anchors may be proof-loaded to 1.5 to 2.0 times the allowable load (depends on the City) or 3 times the service load, whichever is smaller.  Consider edge distance and anchor spacing when you calculate the allowable load.
I hope this helps,
Oscar Henriquez, P. E.
McLean & Schultz
Brea, California
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Subject: pullout test

Does anybody know about a standard or at least industry-acceptable procedure for the pull test of cast-in anchor bolts?
The contractor screwed up (no pun intended) on a bunch of 1" dia, 18" embedment anchors, and the now city requires a pull test.
I would really appreciate a quick reply.
Steve Gordin