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RE: E-pubs <rant>

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In theory, you are correct.  It should cost at least a buck or two less.
If I recall correctly, it only costs several dollars or so for the actual
printing/binding for larger publications.  But, then they likely figure it
is more work to keep track of the two prices, and instead put the
"savings" into offering lower member prices (ACI membership tends to get
you about 1/2 off the publication price if I recall correctly).


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Paul Crocker wrote:

> I have always found it a little odd that they often charge the same for a printed copy as they do to download a .pdf file.  I would have expected that at least you would save a few dollars since they don't have to print anything or store anything in a warehouse for the .pdf.   I'm not so interested in their revenue model versus anyone else's, I just would have guessed you'd save a small amount going with the .pdf.  After all, the CD-ROM version of the MCP is noticably cheaper than the printed version.  That doesn't seem too controversial.
> Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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