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[FURTHER OT] RE: Prayers for a Friend

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Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 5:31 PM
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Subject: RE: Prayers for a Friend

> I don't mean to "preach" at you, but only hoped to explain how a good
> person (such as your mom must have been, David) could have had a
> seemingly difficult life on earth and yet now be living a perfect life
> for eternity.

An analogy I like to use is that of skinning your knee, which probably most
of us have done a time or two when we were small children.

At the time, it seemed like a terrible calamity. How we cried! It just
seemed like the worst possible thing ever to happen to us--and in a relative
sense, perhaps it was.

But if we even stop to think about it now, it is with a distinct sense of
just how trivial an event it was.

So we will look "back" on our time here on Earth, the joys, triumphs, and
tragedies, and even our own deaths--some of which may be, as David's
mother's, painful. We will consider the event of our own death as trivial as
an adult does a skinned knee in childhood.

There will be far more important things with which to concern ourselves
ahead. Eternity is a very, very long time.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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