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existg CMU

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Bill wrote:

1. If I want to use a drilled-in adhesive anchor to attach to in-place

hollow concrete masonry units, is it practical to drill a hole into the open

cells and pump grout into them, in order to obtain a solid material to

anchor to?

We have them do that all of the time. I prefer the entire cell to be filled, but some engineers have them grout a foot or so above and below an anchor. They can do this by slot cutting or drilling, which is quite easy in hollow CMU (done it myself).


2. If a new masonry wall is to be constructed below an in-place concrete

frame, is there any practical way to construct a reinforced bond beam

directly below the concrete beam?

What are you trying to accomplish with the bond beam? IF you need a lateral brace in addition to the concete frame in place above it, then I would go one course below the top and construct my bond beam. That way the last course they are just sliding block into the gap and mortaring. IF you have to have the bond beam right at the top of the wall, then it is possible but they have to do some slot cutting and pressure grouting...


Andrew Kester, PE

Longwood, FL