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Re: Legal and liability - using my stamp

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I work for a corporation, size does not matter. The state looks at corporations differently than sole ownership.  I am not allowed to stamp anything because I am not an officer of the corp. That is corp. policy, liability insurance company policy and not quit sure about state.

As a side note from what I have observed most school and hospital projects are not "Engineered by the person whom stamps the project" Projects are mostly completed by staff personnel who are "under their direction" sometimes called responsible charge.

There is no possible way a medium or large firm could exist if the person stamping the plans had to direct the daily task of assembling the calc's and plans.  The state will not mandate how your firm conducts business.  They do require that someone is responsible for each project.  YOU AS THE BUSINESS OWNER have the choice as to the ethics of your firm the state will not mandate that.  They may try if serious problems arise because of negligence.

Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA