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RE: Concrete Joists

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It sounds like poured in place, one way concrete joists. Are you sure the spacing is 16" oc. There were typically 20" and 30 " wide pans. Therefore the spacing of the joist was the pan width plus the width of the joist. The slab was usually 2 1/2" or thicker.
Check an older CRSI handbook for details and load tables of typical construction.
I hope this helps!
Good Luck!
Jim K. 
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Subject: Concrete Joists

I am doing a remodel to a 1930’3 concrete residence and came upon an unusual (to me) framing system.


The floor slab is concrete which is supported on joists which look like “fat” TJI’s at 16” on center. At first I thought I was looking at a fireproof spray on to a wood I joist, but they’re real concrete. It was not readily apparent whether the floor slab is monolithic with to floor slab but they do seem to have been poured with the concrete girders.


Any idea what this may be? The house is apparently the work of a local Salt Lake City “cement” man, but it’s got me stumped.


Barry H. Welliver