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Re: ACZA treated wood

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I have been following this issue quite a bit.  Following is a quote from a
construction-oriented forum:  (you may be able to link to this forum at
00000105af/Catalog/1135?read=12510  )

"As for the IRC allowing un protected bolts for dry locations (sill plates)
that are 1/2" or larger. To day I had to cut out a new door where there was
a change of mind. The sill in a garage and less than 60 days old. I took the
time to do the demo my self to look at the anchor bolts. When I cut out the
sill It took an impact wrench to take off the nut. After cutting the bolt I
could see why. The threds were apx. 40% gone and the nut was rusted to the
bolt. Multiply this 30 yr, will there be any bolt left? "

There are a few other eye-opening stories about the galvanizing corroding
off fasteners within a few months, etc, and the reports are from real
builders, not the treated-wood industry.

I have begun putting a big "WARNING" note on my foundation plans requiring
either type 316 stainless fasteners or Borate treated wood for
weather-protected applications.  More info at

I think in a few years the treated wood issue is going to be a new feeding
frenzy for litigation-crazed attorneys.  (What do you call 10,000 attorneys
at the bottom of the ocean?  Sorry, off-topic....)

Thor Matteson

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