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RE: R Value for Wood Brace

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Wood does not know that it is not allowed to brace seismic induced forces. Wood diagonals WILL take lateral load regardless of what is written in a code. It is just us code developers that could not put a provision in the code that would give you an R value unless you use your hot tub as a cooling tower. You could get hung out by an inspector who is a code monger. Sadly, there are more than a few things wrong with the building code, but over all it is a well thought document prepared by very capable engineers.
Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: R Value for Wood Brace
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Thanks for the response. The reason I ask is that I'm wondering how you
would brace your standard residential deck. If the deck is large and
high off of the ground it will need some bracing. If, in addition, you
put a hot tub on that deck you've got an even bigger problem. If you
can't use wood braces what do you do? Most home owners aren't going to
want to enclose it to use shear walls. Is moving to steel the only
option allowed by code to keep it open?


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The wood folks did not do the testing and could not validate concentric
braced frames or connections in wood for seismic resistance so the wood
went away some years ago.  Basically they are not allowed as far as the
building code is concerned.  That is why there is no R value and no
provisions for the wood OMF.

Harold Sprague

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>Subject: R Value for Wood Brace
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>Does anyone know why there is no R value listed for wood braces in the
>IBC? I know that in the UBC heavy timber braces had an R of 5.6, but
>some reason this has been removed under the IBC. What do you think a
>reasonable value would be?

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