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Re: Firewall braced by rated floors and roof

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My understanding of the IBC is that true "firewalls" that provide separation due to maximum building area limitations, etc., such as you describe are 3 hour firewalls (used to be 4 hours in previous Standard Building Code). These structure on each side of the wall is required to be independent of the wall.

2 hour fire partitions (not sure of the exact code terminology) do not require any structural separation.

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

Kestner, James W. wrote:

I have a small addition which contains stairs elevator and 5 floor levels (3 main levels and 2 partial levels). The existing building that we are connecting to is at the maximum area and therefore we need a 2 hour "firewall". We are building a new firewall but because of the broken up nature of the new building, the fall away concept gets quite complicated and expensive. One thought was to use 2 hour precast hollowcore floors and hard tie them into the firewall. If the floors and roof match the rating of the firewall, then the wall should be stable in a fire for the required period.
Is the intent of IBC 705.2 met with this construction?

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