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RE: Gravel Trailer Chassis Design

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I’m probably responding too late, but I’d tread very lightly on this one.  I missed the word “certify” in your original post.

I’ve found that when someone says “I need someone to certify this”, it means one of two things.  Either some governing body wants proof that someone knowledgeable can back up a design with numbers, or a bank or insurance company wants someone to sic the lawyers on if something bad happens.  Your client might need certification to get a license or insurance or both.

Also, are you certifying the design or the actual trailer?  I have faith in the ability of most structural engineers to check the analysis of a trailer.  It might require some digging and research, but it can be done.  But can you certify the welds just by looking at them?  I know from personal experience that just because a multi-pass weld looks good on the outside, it doesn’t mean it’s good all the way through.  If you’re being asked to certify a specific trailer, then I’d have testing done on all connections.

As for loads, follow and listen to a truck/trailer on a bumpy road, or over railroad tracks.  Make sure you take fatigue into account.

Good luck.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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Anyone know of design standards or code requirements for trailer chassis for North America.
Load factors and other design criteria, allowable stress etc. etc.
I have been asked to certify a home made design. ☺

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