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Re: Concrete in extremely cold conditions

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On 14 Jun 2004, at 12:44, Ken Peoples wrote:

> I have a project involving the replacement of a deteriorated concrete mat foundation.  The concrete
> is in quite poor condition, presumably due to prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures
> caused by continuous contact with liquid gas storage containers.  I am looking for standards
> pertaining to the recommended mix design, typical reinforcement, placement, finishing, etc. of
> concrete that will be used in these sub-zero conditions and would appreciate any assistance that you
> may provide in this area.  I don't know the exact temperatures yet, but will be getting them
> shortly.
>  Thank you in advance.
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In general, I would say that you need an air entrained mix and a higher
compressive strength mix.  So, say you use a 5000-6500 psi mix with
5% air entrainment.  That might be a good place to start.  Then if you
are having problems with water saturating the concrete and then freezing,
you might consider sealing or painting the surface to keep the moisture
out of the concrete.

Another possible solution is put the tanks on some sort of separator, like
a pallet, if they are small.  That would allow for air movement over the
concrete that would help keep the concrete warmer and drier.

Just some thoughts.
Lloyd Pack
Thank you,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.
Project Engineering Consultants, LTD.
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