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Re: Software Comparison

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I agree that SAP is excellent general purpose analysis software. Its
advantages are:

- It is very well tested for normal structural engineering problems, and
relatively bug free.
- Its an industry standard, and they teach it in schools, so if you hire
someone new, they will likely know SAP.
- It has some decently high end features if ever you need them, like
non-linear time history and plastic hinges.
- Its easy to use.
- I've never heard anyone really complain about SAP, though I always hear
complaints about other software.
- If you are used to ETABS, SAP is made by the same firm, and is very

The problems with SAP are that if you only want it to analyze 2d trusses,
you could find software for a quarter the price that would work fine.
Similarly, if you are going to do super high end analysis with a lot of
material non-linearity or some such, you'll get a bit frustrated.

Michael Ludvik

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I have used SAP2000 & ETABS  since 1985 and I have been very happy with
them.  SAP2000 is a general purpose software and very user friendly and
technical support is excellant.


Best Regards

Arvind Bisarya
mark francois <marfra(--nospam--at)> wrote:

 We are looking at upgrading our general purpose structural software. We
 have not had much discussion on this list recently on software.
 We are lookin at RAM, SAP and STAADpro can I get some views from users of
 the software and any other recommendation.
 At present we use STAADpro2000 which I have never been happy with and
 ETABS which I like.

 Mark Francois

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