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Re: Wind on Parapets

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You are right diagonal braces are a problem, long term maintenance and potential leak problems.  It is best to frame the studs full height and design them as cantilevers above the roof and provide blocking and ledgers as required for diaphragm and rafter support.  In my opinion.
Ray Shreenan  SE
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From: Joe Grill
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 4:46 PM
Subject: Wind on Parapets

I?m now seeing (since I am new to the Southwest) a lot of flat (or nearly flat) roofs with framed parapets.  Do any of you have a clean way to detail the parapet connection to the roof structure for wind assuming the parapet is framed from the sheathing up (plate on top of the sheathing).  I?m sketching details, some of which will work if the parapet isn?t too high; otherwise things start to get messy.  If the vertical studs in the parapet framing are continued to the top plate of the bearing wall and attached to the chords of the roof joists then diaphragm nailing and blocking becomes complicated.  If diagonal braces are used then uplift at the brace and complications with penetrating roofing materials also is a mess.  Any help?


Joseph R. Grill, PE