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Wind on Parapets

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Welcome to the Southwest.
Parapets are a challenge with wood framed construction.  We have had success structurally supporting them in one of several ways.
1.  Baloon framed studs.  Studs extend from foundation to top of parapet with ledger, etc at roof members.
2.  Platformed framed as you described with crickets.  Crickets are plywood covered 2x members on a 45 degree angle from the parapet studs with built-up roofing rolled over the plywood.  This braces the short parapet studs.
3.  Platformed framed with Steel diagonal braces.  A steel angle is placed at 45 degrees from the roof deck, and attached to a ledger along the parapet studs.  The braces are spaced at 6 to 8 feet on center.
Each method has its benefits and challenges structurally and architecturally.  We get input from Architects and sometimes contractors to help with the decision- making.  There is some room for your creativity.
With Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect,
structural designer
Integrated Design Services, Inc.
(714) 368-5080