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Re: Strengthen wood beam -help

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In a message dated 6/11/2004 2:38:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, shapton(--nospam--at) writes:
You do not need to make the section composite as the steel has been sized to
carry the entire load and may only need screws to stabilize the steel
plates.  You could also stabilize with blocking and/or use a different steel
section: C-Series etc..
Even though the steel has been sized to carry the entire load, you still need to design the screws or bolts to make sure that the loads or stresses are transferred to the steel.
The formula is s = R I / VQ.  where s is the spacing of screws or bolts.  R is the resistance or capacity of screws or bolts. I is the moment of inertia. V is the maximum shear and Q is the statical moment of the area connected by the screws or bolts.
Hope this will help.