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RE: Gravel Trailer Chassis Design

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My digest mode has been intermittent at best, so you probably got answers to
this already, but just in case:
I had a similar project a few years ago, and I found some information from
the Fed. Gov.  It does not quite apply directly, but you can use the
concepts and adapt them to your situation.  I suggest searching for these
titles on the internet.  I believe they are all available for download.

49 CFR 393.100 Cargo Tie-down
Proposed revised 393.100 (12-18-00)
49 CFR 178.337-3 Pressurized Tanks - Normal Operation
49 CFR 178.337-3 Pressurized Tanks - Extreme Loadings
49 CFR 178.337-3 Pressurized Tanks - Crash Load
49 CFR 178.338-13 Self Supporting Vac. Insul. Tanks
49 CFR 178.338-13 Self Supporting Non-Insulated Tanks
49 CFR 178.338-13 Support Members Supporting Tanks
Law 49 CFR is written by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Good luck.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Progressive Consultants Inc.

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> Subject: Gravel Trailer Chassis Design
> Anyone know of design standards or code requirements for trailer
> chassis for North America. Load factors and other design criteria,
> allowable stress etc. etc. I have been asked to certify a home made
> design. =E2=98=BA -------------------------------------

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