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SAP Pushover Analysis K factor

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My apologies for what may appear to be a dumb question, but I cannot find anything in the archives on this.

We do not use SAP, and have received a design from an engineer employing the program to perform a push over analysis. We cannot reconcile his results with any of our own, including those run on our engineering analysis software.

When SAP performs a pushover analysis, and the engineer is using an effective length factor not equal to 1.0 for design (yes, I know this is nonsensical, but that's what we see), what does the program do? In particular, does it use:
1) The effective length specified by the engineer?
2) An effective length factor of 1.0 despite the engineers specification.

Anyone know for sure?

We are aware that at least one software supplier automatically "corrects" the engineer's programing and uses K=1.0 for the pushover analysis. Others (including that used by this office) will not change an input value different from 1.0 despite the fact that it is very likely erroneous.

Many thanks,

Peter Higgins, SE

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