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Re: proprietary carbon wraps

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"First, if the govt entity allows you to spec a specific product, but say, "OR APPROVED EQUAL", that is an easy way to handle it."

That has always been my preference, but this entity doesn't like that.  They believe, probably correctly, that this gives a huge advantage to the specified product, since any product that is proprietary enough to need to  be specified this way probably doesn't have an exact equal.  In my experience, the suppliers are all well aware of the subtle and sometimes insignificant differences between themselves and their rivals, and are happy to use these to demonstrate that the competition is not equal, even if it is just fine for the designer's purposes.  

"An even better way to cover yourself is to state some of the min. physical properties of the product you want, and you can do this via specs or plan notes."

This is the approach that I am moving towards.  Several of the major supplier are providing me with "generic" guide specs.  Those can be trouble, since they often try to include subtle and seemingly harmless criteria that only they meet, even when they are trying to look generic.  So, my task next week will be to compare a stack of them and see what is common to them all and see what is different, then toss in any of my own physical property requirements that aren't covered.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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