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Re: Shotcrete

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For structural concrete type shotcrete applications, then I don't see why
ACI 318 (or in your case the concrete provisions of the 97 UBC aka the
CBC) wouldn't be the "governing" code document.  Things like cover
requirements, spacing of rebar, capacity calcs, etc would still be the
same as long as the shotcrete was being used as structural concrete.

For more shotcrete specific recommendations/quirks, then you can look at
the various documents from ACI committee 506.  I am not sure how good or
useful they truly are, as I have not used them.  The main one would be ACI
506R-90 [reapproved in 1995] ("Guide to Shotcrete").  It appears
(according to the ACI website) to be in the final stages of revisions
(i.e. they are supposedly responding to TAC comments).  There is also ACI
506.2-95 ("Specification for Shotcrete"), ACI 506.3R-91 ("Guide to
Certification of Shotcrete Nozzlemen"), and ACI 506.4R-94 ("Guide for the
Evaluation of Shotcrete").  And if you want fiber reinforced concrete,
there is ACI 506.1R-98 ("State of the Art Report on Fiber Reinforced
Shotcrete")...although one can wonder how a 5+ year old document can
really be "state of the art".

You can also check out ASA's website (American Shotcrete Association) at  They have a page that lists technical documents (click
on the "Bibliography" link).  It lists all the ACI documents, but also
some from AASHTO, ASTM, and ITA (International Tunneling Association).


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Paul Feather wrote:

> What are the current governing documents or recommended practice guidelines for the design of shotcrete?
> Paul Feather PE, SE
> pfeather(--nospam--at)

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