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RE: Old Steel Look

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Almost all of the high strength bolt manufactures offer a button headed bolt which looks like a rivet. It will have a nut on the opposite side, but just show most of the button sides where there is the most exposure.

Cast iron shapes look almost identical to steel shapes in general. How they were assembled created differences.

Commonly used older columns included
Latticed columns
4 angles and a plate columns
Cover plated shapes that were plates riveted to a W member were also used as columns

Consider steel joists that use angles for chords, and use heavier chords.

I would not use weathering steel for any trusses because of the potential for pack rust.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Old Steel Look
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 09:30:16 -0500

I am working on the renovation of an old building.  It is an old downtown
strip store that will be turned into legal offices.  The client wants an
exposed structure look.  I need to put in some new steel beams and
columns to support the roof so they can remove a masonry bearing wall.  I
was wondering since this is exposed, and they want a "historic" flavor to
the structure does somebody make steel beams and columns that look like
the old cast iron shapes?  Any fasteners that may look like a rivet?

Thanks for any insight.

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