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RE: Old Steel Look

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> I am working on the renovation of an old building.  It is an old
> downtown strip store that will be turned into legal offices.  The
> client wants an exposed structure look.  I need to put in some new
> steel beams and columns to support the roof so they can remove a
> masonry bearing wall.  I was wondering since this is exposed, and
> they want a "historic" flavor to the structure does somebody make
> steel beams and columns that look like the old cast iron shapes?
> Any fasteners that may look like a rivet?

In can't think of a fastener that looks like a rivet, except for the back
side of twist-off TC bolts.

Suggestions for an "old" look:
 - Use built-up sections instead of solid (columns from 4 angles and a
plate, for example)
 - Use "S", "C", and "L" shapes instead of "W".
 - Bolt everything.  Weld nothing.
 - After installing the structural steel, sand-blast everything (beams,
columns, bolts, etc.) and finish with a clear sealant.  It will give the
steel a dark, weathered look.  A local contractor that I work with uses this
method with good results.
 - Does the "new" steel need to be fire rated?

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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