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Re: Steel Fibers Replacing Structural Reinforcing?

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        I have been monitoring this thread and there are two things I would like to add.

        I would not use fibres as a replacement for reinforcing bars.  Period!  But you've already been given that advice.

        I would remind you that you must not let the clay soil below the mat be subjected to freezing temperatures.  Doing so could result in the development of a permafrost bulb which, under the most extreme conditions, could actually destroy a building.  This topic was discussed at length a year or two ago so you should find a visit to the archives useful.

        Respectfully submitted.


H. Daryl Richardson

"Meyer, Jonathan" wrote:

Thanks for all the input on steel fiber substitution. To elaborate on the design, we are sitting on a clay soil and about one third of the racked facility is a dry grocery, one third cooler and one third -10 degree freezer..  We applied the loads we received from the rack manufacturer and applied the appropriate load factors. We modeled the slab using SAFE to determine the slab design. I believe the thickness we came up with is appropriate for the loads we have, the code requirements and the site conditions.

I have no objection to the use of steel fibers in the slabs on grade. I am skeptical about their use in the mat slab for the rack supported building mat slab. We plan to delve into this further with the owner, the fiber manufacturer and the concrete contractor. I appreciate all of the various responses and information that has been provided. Thanks to all. 

Jonathan Meyer

Webber Smith Associates

Lancaster, PA