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Re: Built-up up shape in compression

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A couple of questions rather than opinions:

- What are the relative thicknesses of the angles vs the plate?  If they
	are of the same thickness (and unstiffened), you probably don't
	have a lot of bracing since the angles themselves are unbraced
	above the fastener.  If they themselves are stiffened, or are
	of substantial thickness (i.e. not slender themselves), then
	you might have a case.

- How much difference does the reduction factor see from b = 9 vs b = 10.5?
	Does the 14% reduction in the value really make that much
	difference?  It seems like Qs is linearly proportional to b/t
	for equation A-B5-7 and inversely proportional to (b/t)^2
	for A-B5-8.  How close is the demand/capacity ratio assuming
	b = 10.5?

Just my $0.02,


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