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RE: Number of Jobs

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Will wrote:

I was wondering what the opinions are as far as an optimum amount of time at a place of employment in US companies. By optimum I mean in terms of marketability and career advancement.



I sincerely believe that, in a perfect world, the optimum amount of time with one employer is about 40 years ... Age 25 to Age 65.  However, as many would quickly point out, none of us live and work in a perfect world (excluding, perhaps, those of us in Texas).  There is no right or wrong answer to your question, since so much depends on the nature of the individual engineer and the nature of his/her various employment opportunities.

I am enjoying a wonderful career in structural engineering and have no regrets over the choices that I have made along the way, including four employers:

7.5 years @ Big Corporation (30,000 +/- employees)
3.5 years @ National Consulting Firm (250 - 1200 employees)
6.3 years @ Local Consulting Firm (1 - 10 employees)
16.3+ years @ Regional Consulting Firm (200 - 400 employees)

Thus, my average tenure at an employer is currently just shy of 8.5 years.  It should rise beyond 10 years by my retirement.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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