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Re: Modelling Rubber in SAP2000

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SAP has neither a built in rubber material or the facility for user defined
materials. The closest you will get in SAP would be a multi-linear NL Link
element. Its basically just a link between two nodes, and you specify the
nonlinear force-displacement relationship in each DOF. If you were planning
on using rubber for beams, shells or solids, you are out of luck.


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Subj: Modelling rubber in SAP2000

 hi all,                                                                    
 I am right now doing a work on modelling a rubber material in sap2000.     
 i wanted to know if there was any built in material property for rubber in 
 sap2000 or whether it had to be a user defined material.                   
 Also, if it is user defined what are the properties that i would have to   
 include to model the same.                                                 
 i found the following details but would like to know more.                 
 Natural Rubber                                                             
 density = 930 kg/m^3                                                       
 ultimate strength = 16 Mpa and Poissons ratio= 0.5                         
 Also is there a value of the modulus of elasticity ?                       


Graduate Student
Structural Engineering and Materials (SEM)
Virginia Tech,  VA - 24061

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