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OT: Need Advice for setting up a Server in office for Website with Mailing Lists

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I need some advice (privately of course) from anyone who has experience converting at Windows XP based computer that I wish to add a hard drive dedicated to acting as my own server. I have been unhappy with the services offered by my current Web Host and most of the server/client software and add-on’s to transfer my Listservices is free software or very inexpensive to purchase.

I am running a new LinkSys WRT54T Broadband Router who provides sufficient information needed to set up the router to allow web access (with a low cost service for transferring and routing my domain name).

Specifically I need help in the following areas:


  1. FrontPage Extensions (how do I add them and where do I find them)?
  2. Setting up the Mailman (PhP Superforge software – freeware) Listservice software
  3. and other services I might need.


If you have done this yourself and can guide me I would really appreciate the help. I’d like to have the server running by the end of the year and will use it to build a library of technical documents related to Light-Framing that users can find and access (including links).





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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